martedì 5 marzo 2013

Bad news...

Just a second before going to bed, I spotted these news...

I feel very sorry about all this, I shared Chavez's ideas about national sovereignty, and I'm very sad he had to die that way, in such a difficult moment for the world and for his country.
I know that many people disliked him, but instead I liked his dedication to defend his country from foreign speculations. Italy badly needs someone who defends Her from the drainage of resources She's experiencing, thus I saw Chavez as an example that my country too could follow. 

I'll resume modelling posts next days, I'm not in the mood about that now...

2 commenti:

  1. On balance, I'm with you on this, Giano. The people of the UK, like the Italian people, have certainly been sold out to global capitalism. Chavez had some things wrong (in European eyes), but he was trying to do something for the people at the bottom of the heap, and national sovereignty.

    1. It's not easy to balance the needs of a nation and the needs of each individual person. Many individual interests (especially foreign interests) have been harmed by Chavez, but the whole population of Venezuela now lives better.
      European leaders care too much about the interests of few rich men (many of them not even from Europe), and too little about the needs of whole nations. This is producing unhappiness and hate in Europe, and will bring us unrest and, at worst, dictatorships and wars.
      In trying to sustain the needs of his nation rather than the needs of individual citizens, Chavez did a good job in the long term, in spite of some troubles in the short term.