giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

Revell Micro Wings pt 2

Following the 1st part I posted yesterday, some photos of my old Revell 1/144 kits, those from the Allied side.

Above we have some US planes: the grey-blue is a Douglas Dauntless, the grey and green is a Republic P-47, the green and brown is a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, and the blue and white one is a Grumman Wildcat.
Take note that three of these kits (the Dauntelss, Wildcat and Warhawk) had the same decal sheet.
Apart from that, they're pretty nice and easy to build. The camo schemes are a bit random, I made these several years ago and I didn't have as much knowledge about camouflages as now.
I especially like the Dauntless, don't know why. The P-40 is very interesting too, it has bags of possibilities for different versions and colour schemes.

Then we have the other allied planes: two Bell P-39 Airacobra and a Hawker Typhoon.
The Typhoon (the grey and green one) has been painted in its original british scheme; the two P-39 had US decals, but I decided to hand-paint different markings: the darker one has had italian markings for the Co-Belligerent Italian Air Force, the lighter one has received soviet markings over its former US roundels.
Considering that the P-39's most important user was the Soviet Union, and that the americans didn't like it much, it was a lame choice to provide it with US decals...

Speaking of the kits, they are simple but nice,apart from the decals - which I'm sure will be replaced by better ones once they're re-released.
Clearly they're not meant as display models, and shouldn't be considered as such - but I'm sure some experienced modellers can turn them into show winners with some effort.
But this range has a huge gap: it includes british, american, japanese and german planes, and that's ok, but it doesn't include any french, italian or, even worse, soviet aircraft.
I know I have a soft spot for soviet airplanes, but considering the huge importance of the soviet air forces during ww2, it was quite a lame choice. 
Luckily, Zvezda has released some 1/144 ww2 russian kits in the last few years, and hopefully will release some others in the future.
I hope that Revell will expand this great Micro Wings collection with soviet, italian and french kits, and, why not, with some 1/144 bombers too.

And speaking of soviet stuff, below my current work in progress, a 1/72 Su-27 from Italeri - a simple and tidy kit it seems.

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  1. Great models Giano. The Flanker looks like a rather more challenging build!

    1. Thanks Tim! Well yes, the Sukhoi is more complex, but not that much considering its scale, and has few parts for a kit of its size. In fact I bought it because it was very cheap, I was expecting a relatively simple kit.
      More troublesome is the painting phase, I'm using italeri colours and they don't cover well unless you put at least 3 layers, it's quite boring painting all those layers on such a big model...

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    1. Grazie per l'iniziativa, in proposito ti risponderò via mail.

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