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T-34 saga

As a collector of small scale AFV, I couldn't miss my fair share of T-34. After the lenghty Sherman posts (part 1 and part 2), now it's time to have a look at some russian beasts.

Da buon collezionista di modelli di mzzi corazzati, non potevo fare a meno di possedere un certo numero di T-34... Dopo aver parlato a lungo di Sherman (qui e qui) non potevo fare a meno di parlare di questo interessante veicolo russo.

Let's start with a family shoot, showing the whole collection of T-34 related kits. 

Per cominciare, la tradizionale foto di famiglia (che non fa mai male)

These are not T-34s, but rather a BT-5 (on the left) and a BT-7 (on the right). These are worth an inclusion because the T-34 was a direct development of the BT family, which possessed some interesting qualities but proved under-gunned and too vulnerable. The earlier T-34s shared the same diesel engine with the later BT-7s.
Both kits are from UM; the BT-7 was build several years ago, and didn't came out too well. In fact, the BT-7 turret detail is inferior to the BT-5 kit, it lacks most of the detail and isn't well engineered. Apart from this drawback, both kits are nice even if really complex to build. As for the camouflage, that of the BT-5 is explained here; the BT-7 is definitely too yellow, and should have had a darker and greener tone.

Sopra, non dei T-34 ma un BT-5 (sin.) e un BT-7 (des.); sono qui in quanto il T-34 era diretto sviluppo della serie BT. Per maggiori info sul BT-5 vedere qui; entrambi i kit sono UM.

Then we have a trio of T-34 model 41; those two on the left are from Armourfast, the other is from Matchbox. The Armourfast kits are quite bad, they lack most detail and have odd proportions and shapes - in fact they're way bigger than 1/72 scale. The T-34 kit is the worst from Armourfast, and later it was retooled to correct all these defects. Other kits are way better if sometimes a bit under-detailed.  
The model on the right is the old but still nice 1/76 Matchbox kit. It may lack some detail, and be a bit toy-like, but still looks fine - much better than the older Airfix kit. The AA mg wasn't used on real tanks, but is nice and I don't dare to take it off.

Dopodichè abbiamo tre T-34 modello 41; i due sulla sinistra sono Armourfast (la prima edizione, piuttosto grezza e sovradimensionata, poi sostituita da uno stampo molto migliorato), sulla destra invece un MAtchbox, kit venerando ma ancora interessante.

Here we have two middle-war T-34s, a model 42 from UM (above) and a model 43 from Eastern Express (below). The biggest difference between the variants lies in the commander's cupola of the model 43.
Both are nice kits, the UM one having sharper details, the EE one being instead a bit more sturdy. 
Both are painted in odd colours... the model 42 maybe should have been a little greener, while the model 43 has a two tone camouflage: the green hue is the common one, while the sand tone is unusual but not impossible - but may have been a darker brown in real life.

Qui abbiamo un modello 42 (sopra) della UM, ed un modello 43 della Eastern Express (sotto); entrambi sono dei buoni kit, quello della UM è più dettagliato ma anche più fragile.
Le mimetizzazioni non sono azzeccatissime, ma si tratta di vecchi lavori per cui...

Then we have a couple of T-34/85s; the khaki one is an Eastern Express kit - in fact it's an OT-34, because it has a flamethrower in place of the bow machine gun; the white one is from Revell, and it's of a later variant.
Both are good models, the Revell is superior and has better details, but the EE isn't bad either. In fact this kit is the same as the former model 43, but with a different turret. To tell the truth, most UM and EE kits have the options for different variants, even if they're marketed as a specific variant - so you get a lot of spare parts, and many leftover decal which you can use on other models - good!

Due T-34/85, quello color kaki è della Eastern Express, mentre quello bianco è della Revell e rappresenta una versione successiva rispetto all'altro. Il kit Revell è ottimo, con dettagli spettacolari, ma anche il kit EE non se la cava male (notare come sia in pratica identico al kit del modello 43, ma con torretta differente). Notare come quest'ultimo sia in realtà un OT-34, con il lanciafiamme al posto della mitragliatrice nello scafo.

Here's a SU-85, a tank destroyer based on the T-34 chassis. It was a stop-gap measure released while waiting for the T-34/85 to be developed - then it was superseded by the much more powerful - but very similar - SU-100. It's nice that the soviet self-propelled guns were named after the caliber, makes everything easier to remember.
This nice kit is from UM, and shares most parts with the T-34 model 42 kit showed above.

Ecco un SU-85, semovente cacciacarri su scafo T-34 realizzato in attesa che il T-34/85 fosse disponibile. Venne poi sostituito dal similare ma ben più potente SU-100. Kit della UM, che condivide gran parte dei pezzi con il T-34 modello 42 della stessa marca.

In the end, a comparative shoot to show the different measures between some kits: on the left the Armourfast
model 41, which is taller, wider and longer than all the others, and is noticeably overscale. Then the EE and UM kits, which have almost identical dimensions and are fully compatible with each other. The Revell one is similar too. On the far right the Matchbox kit - it's definitely smaller, but that's right because it's meant to be 1/76.

Per finire una foto comparativa: a sinistra il kit Armourfast, chiaramente più grande degli altri (in altezza, larghezza e lunghezza). I kit UM ed EE (al centro) invece sono quasi identici per dimensioni, così come il kit Revell. A sinistra il kit Matchbox, sensibilmente più piccolo (ma c'era da aspettarselo, visto che è in scala 1/76).

In conclusion, this collection still lacks some important pieces:
- the T-34 model 40, the first version of this important tank
- the SU-100, tank hunter SP gun similar to the SU-85
- the SU-122, a direct support self propelled gun
- a beutepanzer T-34
- and many other lesser known variants... 

Of course I'm planning to expand the collection further, maybe adding some other camouflage variations.

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  1. Super post Giano, really awesome work on all these kits.

    Ten out of ten!

    1. Thanks ;) I fear I've almost scratched the bottom about tanks, I've not many models left to post about. Maybe I'll make some posts about 1/144 planes or 1/72 figures next time.

  2. These comparisons are very useful - it is remarkable just how different kits claiming to be 1/72 really are. As for future posts, you're going to have to get making some new armour!

    1. Thanks! Yes I'm planning to expand my collection soon, but first I need to make some more money - as I'm working for the italian state at the moment, it will take a lot of time for my pay to be sent to me...