giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

French ww2 tanks

It's been a long time since I last posted something, but I'm not in the mood for a big post so I just post some pictures that have hanged around for some time and never found place in any former post.

My 1940 french forces aren't big, in fact they consist only in some infantry plus a few tanks. Nonetheless they took part in many wargames, more than other bigger and more developed forces. 

Some infantry had previously appeared in a former post; here we take a look at the tanks.

Above we have a Renault R35 on the left, and a Somua S35 on the right.
The R35 is a resin model, the details are abundant but the overall kit shape is rough - the final result is unimpressive. I don't remember which manufacturer makes it.
The Somua is the venerable but nice Heller kit; not the best of models, being quite old, but still is a very decent effort.

Above we have the same kits on the left, and on the far right a die-cast pre-painted Char B1bis. This kit is sold by DeAgostini, so I guess it's from Altaya or something like that. It's a nice kit, even if it lacks some detail and looks a bit "out-of-the-factory". Moreover it's quite sturdy and perfectly suitable for wargames.

So che è passato parecchio tempo dall'ultimo post, ma la voglia di fare foto e scrivere post lunghi è pari a zero, per cui per il momento mi limiterò a riciclare qualche vecchia foto.
Nella fattispecie, si tratta di alcuni modelli di carri francesi per la campagna del 1940; la relativa fanteria, seppur berevemente, è comparsa in un post di qualche mese fa.

I carri nella foto in basso sono, da sinistra a destra, un Renault R35, un Somua S35, ed un Char B1bis. Nella foto in alto appaiono solo i primi due.

Il Renault è un modello in resina, di cui non ricordo il produttore; è un modello abbastanza dettagliato ma dalle forme un po' imprecise, e l'aspetto finale ne risente parecchio.
Il Somua è il vecchio kit Heller, un modello più che decente seppur vecchio.
Il Char B1 infine è un modello die-cast della DeAgostini, presumo prodotto dalla Altaya; non male come pezzo per i wargame, anche se i dettagli non sono eccezionali.

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  1. Nice looking items Giano. I too have a small French force, but lack any tanks at all. Perhaps something to remedy in the new year.

    Good to see you back.

  2. It might only be a small post but it says and shows more about French AFV's than any other I can think of...making it very 'full'!!

    I've got the Heller one and intend to build it one day along with the Matchbox offering, and I know there is a quick-build pair (from HaT?) of Renaults which I mean to track down.

  3. Thanks friends!

    As for the availability of french kits, it has improved but still is somehow lacky.
    The Hat Renaults may be hard to track down at the moment; RPM has several FT17s in its catalogue, they're nice kits but horribly expensive (at least in Italy).
    The Matchbox Char B1 + FT17 combo kit has been re-released by Revell some years ago but still is quite difficult to find; the Heller S35 has been re-released again, but at the moment Heller products have disappeared altogether from italian shops (why?...). At least Heller stuff is easy to spot at collectors fairs - that's where I bought my S35.
    S-Model had recently released a fast assembly Hotchkiss H35 - but marketed as a german tank. A friend of mine is looking for some for me. I also ordered a Panhard armoured car from DeAgostini, but has yet to show up after almost a year...

  4. Very nice. The Heller Somua is something of an antique but as your post shows, it can be made into a very effective model. If you can find the old RAFM metal kits (R35, H39, Chenilette Lorraine etc) they are lovely models.

    1. Thanks Tim! I'm tempted to try out some metal kit, but it's quite difficult to find some in Italy, and usually those are badly overpriced. The same can be said about resin kits. Anyway next spring there'll be a collector's fair next my town, usually it's full of great stuff at nice prices - the perfect chance to grab some unusual kit.

  5. Eccellenti. Ho sempre amato i carri francesi.

    1. Grazie ;) anche a me piacciono un sacco, peccato non siano facilmente reperibili in 1/72.