mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Shermans !! (again...)

Tonight I've not much time, I'll just put on some pictures of my ever growing Sherman collection, without much explanations. I painted three more recently, all by Italeri, and all fast-assembly kits. I'm starting to like their fast-assembly kits, they're simplified but nice looking, and can withstand without fear the strain of wargaming.

Above a Sherman III (M4A2, the diesel variant) in british/polish service in 1943. It's meant for late african - early italian campaigns. Markings are totally fictitious. It's an early production Sherman, you can tell from the three pieces transmission cover, the protruding crew hatches in the hull and the smaller gun shield.

Above another Sherman III, it comes from the same kit as the former model. This one is again british, but in the original american Olive Drab colour, and it's meant for late italian - early french campaigns.
Markings are again total random.

Last one, a M4A3 76(W) - I hope I got the name right. This was the standard 76mm gunned Sherman in US Army service. More about this kit in a previous post.
I chose to paint it in a winter camo, as suggested in the box. I tried a different approach to the washable white camo, and I liked the final result - this kind of camo was often quite rough so applying the paint with irregular brush strokes helps to get the right result.

Work in progress! Nothing to do with Shermans - this Airfix MiG-15 is my current project. A few decalling and some final touching up, and it will be finished.
This is a new kit from Airfix, and is a good one - thanks Airfix, not just another re-release at last!

PS I use Citadel silver paint, it's the best silver I ever tried - I just hope their new silver paint is as good as this old one.

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  1. Good finish on the olive drab British one. Getting a single colour to look right is a difficult trick to carry off - well done. I'll have to look into the Italeri fast build...

  2. Thanks. Italeri fast build kits are well worth a try, apart maybe some earlier kits which are less refined - the IS-2 in particular.

    On this Sherman I used Italeri "olive drab" color as a base, and then drybrushed some Vallejo "english uniform" above it. Lastly I did some black inking. I'm not good with complex techniques, so I usually try to keep as simple as possible.
    The photo was taken indoors and without flash, so the light is a bit more yellow than natural light.

  3. Veramente belli, in particolare mi piacciono il primo Sherman ed il Mig. E' sorprendente come tu sia riuscito a stendere uniformemente il colore!

    1. Grazie ;) per l'argento, in passato ho provato un po' tutte le tecniche (base nera, bianca, grigia) ma mi son trovato meglio a dipingere direttamente sulla plastica. Uso il colore vecchio della citadel (quando il barattolo sarà finito piangerò perchè non si trova più in giro), è un colore piuttosto denso per cui sembra quasi di dare la cera, ma a diluirlo perde lucentezza per cui meglio così. e soprattutto mani su mani di colore, almeno 3 sennò non copre bene.