giovedì 22 novembre 2012

KV-2 (Forces of Valor)

Some time ago I posted a little preview about the new KV-2 kit from Forces of Valor (Unimax), now it's time to add some photos of the finished thing.

The kit came out neatly, without any trouble and indeed is very well engineered.
The tracks are quite decent too, I usually don't like single-piece tracks but this time they turned out to be nice enough. The tracks aren't made in the usual polyethilene-like stuff as in Esci kits, rather are more flexible but not as rubbey as Matchbox or late Airfix ones - in conclusion they're quite good, nicely detailed and easy to put together.

On overall the kit is good looking, details are nice but some are missing and in places things are oversimplified.
As I said before, this model is half way between a wargamer's kit and a modeller's kit, you'll need some time and some scratchbuilding to turn it into a show winner.
On the other hand it's easy and quick to build, but not as much as a fast-assembly kit, so not for total beginners or die-hard wargamers maybe.


The nice commander figure is made in the same stuff as the tracks, and it's a good touch.
Strangely enough, the hatch is meant to be modelled only as open, but it will take no time to convert it into closed if need comes. No decals included, but no need for them because I've never seen a photo of a KV-2 sporting sings of any kind.

So, is it recommended? Yes, definitely, but not for zealous display-modellers.

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  1. This looks fine! I like the commander's pose - just the ticket. I seem to remember that Fujimi used to make a very good KV2; I wonder if it is still available?

    1. I don't think they're available, I've never seen a Fujimi kit in the flesh, apart a couple of boxes sold as collector's items at unbelieavable prices. It's a pity because I've always heard good things about Fujimi kits, and I'd really like some good KV-1s - Fujimi had one in the range - the Italeri KV-1 kit is so badly spoiled by the tracks.