martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Panzer III saga

Today we take a look at some different Panzer IIIs...

Firts we have a "family shot". All kits have fairly similar dimensions so are well compatible with each other.

The first Pz III is the E version from Attack. Attack's kits are usually a bit simplified but spot on as accuracy, and depict unusual vehicles, this one is no exception and possibly is the only 37mm-gunned Pz III available at the moment. Not the easiest kit to put together but not bad either. 

Then we have two Italeri's fast assembly kits. These are J versions, and you have the choice between the shorter 50 mm gun (the grey one) and the longer 50 mm gun (the sand one). I'm not completely sure about the accuracy of this kit: earlier Js had shorter gun, later ones instead received the more effective long-barreled version, and then additional armour plates were bolted on many tanks. So Pz III Js with both short gun and additional armour likely existed, but maybe weren't that common. 
Anyway nice tidy kits, simplified as all fast assembly are, but really good looking. Great for middle war battles as Kursk and El Alamein. And you get two for the price of one... 

Last but not least the superb Pz III M from Revell, one of the best 1/72 kits ever.  The definitive Pz III before the series was superseded by the Pz IV and the Panther. Good for those 1943-early 44 battles.
The photo is quite cr*ppy, but you can have better ones here, together with a longer explanation.

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  1. These 'family photos' are a jolly good idea. I think I'll have a go at some myself - there's often a remarkable difference in models of the same AFV.

  2. Superb. Nice painting, good post