mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

M13 madness! (or, WW2 italian stuff)

My 1/72 italian stuff was already featured - albeit partially - in a former post, but I couldn't resist so I had to make another one...

Here's the family picture, from the right we have three M13/40, one M13 command tank, two Semovente da 75/18 and one Autoblinda AB41.
Apart the Autoblinda all the vehicles are based on the M13 chassis, ence the M13 madness title.

The M13/40s: on the left two Italeri fast assembly kits, while on the right the Italeri reissue of the old but still nice Esci model. The fast build kits are great, and very nice looking; the other isn't as sharp and sturdy, but has more room for conversions and improvements. Pity for its awful polietylene tracks....
The two tanks on the left are painted as vehicles for the Ariete armoured division, who fought in North Africa and also at El Alamein. The other one instead has a camouflage used only in Europe.

Now the two Semovente 75/18, again two Italeri fast assembly kits. Great models in my opinion. I have also an old Esci kit, yet unbuilt but I'm planning to build it as soon as possible.
All the kits above had a Breda AA machinegun included, but I used it for only a few because in 1941-42 there was quite a shortage of such weapons so only a few were fitted. Again both SP guns are painted as Ariete division vehicles.

Here we have the Carro Comando M13 (that is, command tank M13), which was a regular M13 but with some radio equipment in place of the turret - regular tanks usually didn't have any radio... 
The kit is again the old Esci one re-released by Italeri.
I made it in such manner that I can switch the commander figure with a turret, as to use it also as a normal tank. This version of the Command Tank had only two MGs, but later versions had a bigger weapon in the hull, possibly a 20 mm gun.

Lastly we have the nice AB41 armoured car, in a European theatre camo; it has nothing in common with the M13s but was the only other italian vehicle I had for the ww2 era so I placed it here for the sake of completeness. Brand new full-assembly kit from Italeri (not just another Esci re-release).

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  1. Giano - great wargamers think alike! I also posted with some of my Italian armour :

    I like your dual use M13/40 & Command Tank!

    1. Thanks! I really like your collection, your italian stuff is great!