lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

Airfix Panther

While browsing one of my favourite model shops I found an old Airfix Panther kit, the price was really cheap so I bought it. I had little time for modelling in those days so I thought a quick and easy build was all that I needed. In fact this kit really makes for a quick and easy build, but at the cost of a very bad accuracy.
Apart from the overall shape which plainly looks odd, the worst part are the suspension, which are too low (the tank looks like it's sitting down). That makes the tank look even smaller than its 1/76 scale, and spoils the opportunity to mix it with 1/72 stuff. Also the track are bad, these rubber things are even worse than those old stiff ones. At least they're easier to put on...
On the other hand, the Airfix Panther has its own charm, maybe just because of its vintage value. As a wargame piece it's quite decent, but nothing more. As for unit value, you can find fast assembly kits (from Armourfast and Italeri) which are more accurate and has a similar price per unit, so you should look for these instead.

Il Panther Airfix è la riedizione di un venerando kit degli anni '60 (al massimo '70), con tutti i pregi e i difetti del caso. La costruzione è semplice, ma purtroppo l'accuratezza è bassa. Già la forma generale del mezzo appare strana, per di più le sospensioni sono decisamente troppo basse (il carro "siede" troppo vicino a terra), il che contribuisce a farlo sembrare più piccolo del dovuto (tenuto anche conto che è un modello 1/76).
I cingoli inoltre sono piuttosto scadenti, realizzati in un materiale gommoso troppo cedevole. Se possibile sono anche peggio dei vecchi cingoli "rigidi" presenti nelle vecchie edizioni Airfix.
Nel complesso il modello può avere una sua utilità come pezzo per i wargame, ma va anche tenuto conto che i kit fast-assembly di Italeri e Armourfast hanno prezzo unitario similare, e in più risultano più accurati, quindi possono rivelarsi scelte più azzeccare per i wargame.

4 commenti:

  1. It turned out very well regardless, nice work....

  2. Despite its faults the Airfix kit still soldiers on, and is a good starter for the young ones.

    Really fine painting on the ambush scheme Giano, Well done!

  3. Hi Paul! I still have to find a modeller who didn't get started with Airfix kits. Or maybe ESCI ones here in Italy.
    As most Arifix kits this one is very robust and so is perfect for wargames, I also have an ESCI Panther which is more accurate but it's too frail, after each game I have to glue the tracks back in place :(
    Your idea to add side skirts is great,it solves the biggest problem of the ESCI Panther, but also might greatly improve the look of this Airfix kit in hiding its biggest fault. I'll try it out if I can find another cheap one ;)