martedì 4 ottobre 2011

Libertà di parola?

 Nonciclopedia è stata chiusa per scelta dei suoi stessi amministratori dopo la querela da parte dello staff di Vasco Rossi (articolo di Repubblica, pagina di Giornalettismo).

A quanto pare la libertà di satira e di parola in questo paese non esiste più....
Tanto più che, quando nell'articolo di Nonciclopedia (ancora visibile per vie indirette) si deride le scarse capacità musicali e canore del "cantante", non si è molto distanti dal reale stato di cose. Ossia che Vasco Rossi non è un gran che come musicista, e solo la presenza sul palco e sui dischi di veri musicisti gli permette di tirare a campare.

A sad story about lack of freedom in Italy: a satirical site has been closed down after a lawsuit from Vasco Rossi, a famous italian "singer". This musician's lawyers suited the site because of "false claims" about his musical qualities (and his abuse of drugs).
Matter of fact, Rossi used to be almost decent back to the '80s, nowadays he's just an old man, dumbed by former drug and alcohol abuse, which is making a lot of money thanks to his former (largely undeserved) glories. Leaving alone the many claims about plagiarism that have been made against Rossi in all these years. 
That's all, makes you think about the sad situation about freedom of speech in Italy. And also about quality of popular music in our country, which is veeeeery low, in spite of thousand of great italian musicians that simply are prevented from reaching the fame they deserve. 

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  1. Very strange, some opinions people don't like.

  2. Seems this story has had an happy ending. Internet-users have been really upset about all this, so mr. Rossi's lawyers stepped back, and also apologised. Sounds like they tried to make some cheap money, but people's reaction made them change their mind. It's a pity that stories like this are becoming all too common in Italy. Moreover, italian wikipedia closed down, this time as a response to a law against freedom of speech that may be approved in the next months.